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Disneyland character and parade performers in California vote to join labor union

Disneyland performers who help bring Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and other beloved characters to life have chosen to unionize following a three-day vote Read More


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The stuff that Coppola’s dreams are made of: The director on building ‘Megalopolis’

Of the many quotations and slogans that flitter through Francis Ford Coppola’s idea-stuffed, open-hearted, unabashedly optimistic “Megalopolis,” one that particularly resonates with the director is: “When we leap into the unknown, we prove that we’re free.” More »


Sean 'Diddy' Combs abuse allegations: A timeline of key events

New video aired by CNN appears to show Sean “Diddy” Combs beating his former singing protege and girlfriend Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel in 2016 More »


Alice Stewart, CNN political commentator and veteran political adviser, dies at 58

Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator and veteran political adviser who worked on a number of GOP presidential campaigns, has died at age 58 More »


Dabney Coleman, actor who specialized in curmudgeons, dies at 92

Dabney Coleman, the mustachioed character actor who specialized in smarmy villains like the chauvinist boss in “9 to 5” and the nasty TV director in “Tootsie,” has died More »


‘The Blue Angels,’ filmed for IMAX, puts viewers in the ‘box’ with the elite flying squad

If you’re looking for a little bit of that “Top Gun: Maverick” spectacle and thrill at the movie theater this summer, you’re in luck More »


Video appears to show Sean 'Diddy' Combs beating singer Cassie in hotel hallway in 2016

Security video appears to show Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs beating singer Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel hallway in 2016 More »


Paul Schrader felt death closing in, so he made a movie about it

After a string of hospitalizations for long COVID, Paul Schrader had a realization More »


In Cannes, Francis Ford Coppola talks Trump, self-financing 'Megalopolis' and why he has no regrets

Much attention has been paid to the $120 million of his own fortune that Francis Ford Coppola put up to make the futuristic epic “Megalopolis.” More »


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