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Heavy snows and drought of deadly 'dzud' kill more than 7 million head of livestock in Mongolia

An extreme weather phenomenon known as the dzud has killed more than 7.1 million animals in Mongolia, endangering herders' livelihoods and way of life More »


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New research explores how a short trip to space affects the human body

New research shows space tourists experience some of the same body changes as astronauts who spend months in orbit More »


4,000-year-old Greek hilltop site mystifies archaeologists. It could spell trouble for new airport

A big, round, 4,000-year-old stone building discovered on a Cretan hilltop is puzzling archaeologists and threatening to disrupt a major airport project on the Greek tourist island More »


In Wyoming, Bill Gates moves ahead with nuclear project aimed at revolutionizing power generation

Bill Gates and his energy company are starting construction at their Wyoming site for a next-generation nuclear power plant he believes will “revolutionize” how power is generated More »


African elephants call each other by unique names, new study shows

New research shows African elephants call each other and respond to individual names, something few wild animals do More »


A magnitude 4.8 earthquake in southwestern South Korea cracks walls and leaves other minor damage

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake has cracked walls and caused other minor damage in a fishing community in southwestern South Korea More »


The UN says more aquatic animals were farmed than fished in 2022. That's the first time in history

The total global volume of fish, shrimp, clams and other aquatic animals that are harvested by farming has topped the amount fished in the wild from the world’s waters for the first time ever More »


Weeklong heat wave loosens grip slightly on US Southwest but forecasters still urge caution

The weeklong heat wave that baked most of the U.S. Southwest in temperatures well into triple digits is on its last legs, but forecasters are still urging people to be cautious More »


Scientists have traced the origin of the modern horse to a lineage that emerged 4,200 years ago

Scientists have traced the ancestry of the modern horse to a lineage that emerged 4,200 years ago and quickly became dominant across Eurasia More »


SpaceX's mega rocket completes its fourth test flight from Texas without exploding

SpaceX’s mega Starship rocket has completed its first full test flight, returning to Earth without exploding after blasting off from Texas More »


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