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An airstrike kills 20 in central Gaza and fighting rages as Israel's leaders air wartime divisions

An Israeli airstrike has killed 20 people in central Gaza, mostly women and children, and fighting raged across the north More »


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An ultimatum raises pressure on Netanyahu to make postwar plans for Gaza, even as fighting rages

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under mounting pressure from his own War Cabinet and his country’s closest ally over postwar plans for Gaza More »


US national security adviser, Saudi Arabia's crown prince meet to discuss 'semi-final' security deal

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan has met with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss what the kingdom described as the “semi-final” version of a wide-ranging security agreement between the countries More »


Ukraine and Russia exchange drone attacks while Russia continues its push in the east

Russia says it shot down some 60 drones and several missiles over its territory while Ukraine in turn says it destroyed over 30 Russian drones More »


As ethnic armed group claims to have captured a town in western Myanmar, Muslim Rohingyas flee again

A powerful ethnic armed group fighting Myanmar’s military government in the country’s western state of Rakhine is claiming to have seized a town near the Bangladesh border, marking the latest victory for foes of the country’s military government More »


Congolese army says shootout in the capital is failed coup, perpetrators arrested

Congo’s army says it has “foiled a coup” early Sunday morning and arrested the perpetrators, including several foreigners, following a shootout between armed men in military uniform and a top politician’s guards left three people dead in the capital, Kinshasa More »


Slovak prime minister's condition remains serious but prognosis positive after assassination bid

Slovakia’s defense minister says the country's populist prime minister, Robert Fico, remains in serious condition but now has a positive prognosis, four days after he was shot multiple times in an assassination attempt that sent shockwaves across the deeply polarized European Union nation More »


2 dead and 5 missing after a boat collision on the Danube River in Hungary

Police say two people have died and five are missing following a boat collision on the Danube River in Hungary More »


Georgia's president vetoes media legislation that has provoked weeks of protests

Georgia’s president has vetoed the so-called “Russian law” targeting media that has sparked weeks of mass protests More »


French authorities report a sixth fatality in New Caledonia violence

French security forces have reported a sixth death in nearly weeklong armed clashes in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia More »


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